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Saturday, September 19, 2020

My Pet Sunflower

A month or so ago I was pulling some weeds (well, unwanted weeds that is ;-) from the B Garden and accidentally pulled up a small sunflower.  She came up with very few roots and it was hot as the blazes and I knew if I tried to put her back in the ground she'd never make it.  

I stuck her in a leftover pot of old dirt I had stashed behind the Wool House and tucked her rapidly wilting body into the shade.  She lay collapsed, leaning on the side of my horse trailer for a couple of days, but I kept giving her a drink every time I walked past and she began to slowly perk up.

I staked her up using a dowel rod and some soft yarn and gradually moved her back into the hot sun.  Being a sunflower, she was happy to be back near her friends and she eventually began to grow again and one day I noticed a small bud forming on the top of her head.  

And then she bloomed :-).
Instagram followers may remember this video of the spider spinning the web from the corner of the garage roof down to a zinnias.

The sweet sunflower took over when she got big enough :-).

And look at all the pollen she's made for her bee friends.  They've been having quite a party!  

Her big golden petals are starting to fall off, but she has some new buds coming on so the party will continue a little while longer.  And once her blooms are all dried up, she'll have plenty of seeds to feed the birds this winter...but I'll save a few to stick in her old pot next spring :-).

Thursday, September 17, 2020


One of my favorite things to do is stand in the barn lot in the evening while the sheep are milling around getting ready for bed. The best part of these nighttime sessions was standing with Daniel. Daniel was a hugger. When he saw the opportunity, he'd push his way in and then stand there with me, leaning against my leg. 

My arm would instinctively wrap around his neck and I'd bury my fingers in the wool around his neck and shoulders, gently scratching, and he'd stand there like that with me forever. I know my sheep like me. Daniel loved me. If I'd known the other night that that was the last time we'd do that, I'd have stayed there forever, too. 


May 2013 – September 17, 2020

We've lost another good sheep to bladder stones.  We tried to get him surgically unblocked, but were unsuccessful.  The vet autopsied him and collected some sludge/sand to send off to be tested to determine the mineral make up of the stones.  I hope that tells us something.  Is it our grass, the water, the mineral mix...?  

Monday, August 31, 2020

It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

One day back in the early spring I found some super adorable tadpoles swimming around in one of the water tubs I keep next to the Wool House to collect rain water off the roof and rinse water from washing wool. 

All together now... "Awwwww..."

I love frogs.  I really love tadpoles.  This will be So Much Fun watching them grow up!

You are pretty cute.

Of course as the summer blazed on I had to provide some super attractive shade from the afternoon sun and, so they'd have enough to eat, I scooped up some plants from the actual Frog Pond, where they should have been living.

And after that, all I've been able to see is adult frogs staring at me from the top of the green.  Occasionally I pull some weeds back so I can see all the taddies below, but mostly I just see frog eyes.  

And as they have been so happy here, they've multiplied into all three tubs, so now I have to put buckets under the downspout of the barn to collect rainwater to water my plants and gardens.  That's pretty special looking, too.

If you'd like to watch it all unfold on Instagram...

Pro-tip:  When you hear two frogs talking like're going to find a bunch of new frog eggs in the morning.  Sigh...

I haven't figured out what I'm going to do this fall.  I guess I'll scoop everyone out and release them back at the ponds.  It's been "kinda" fun, but I "kinda" hope they don't move back in next spring.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Another New Angel Among Us


2004? -  August 27, 2020

When I have to 'make the call' on an animal, I sit with them while we wait for the vet and I tell them stories about their life with us.  "Remember when..."  I thank them for being my friend and working hard on the farm and taking good care of everyone...  And then I tell them to go find [someone who was a special friend] because I sure hope we all end up somewhere together again.

"Go find Boo."

Monday, August 24, 2020

A Sweet Story About A Sweet Sheep

A couple of weeks ago I needed to run to town and pick up some groceries and pet food. Or, I should say, go to town to pick up pet food...and some groceries ;-).  

I shop mostly at the small family owned grocery because "small, family owned", but also because there's (sadly for them) less people.  However, when you are feeding a large Pyrenees who likes her dry food topped with canned cat food and a couple, okay all three, "complicated" cats, about once a month I brave the big box store.  

So, well stocked with hand sanitizer and my mask, I headed to town...and the parking lot looked like it was a holiday weekend.

My first thought was to just turn around and go home.  We're pretty good at scrounging the pantry for weird stuff that needs clearing out and, in fact, it's become my main house cleaning strategy this summer ;-).  However, Comby really needed his special food :-/.  Sigh...  Wait!  I could go to TSC (Tractor Supply Company).

As I walked in, for some reason (special sheep spotting super power :-) I looked in the sale bin at the front of the store.  I never look there.  But I did.  And I spotted two dog toys stuffed sheep tossed in the bottom bin!  I picked up one and immediately texted a friend who I knew would come rescue the other one.

From there my new little sheep friend and I "crossed the river" and went to the little grocery.  No four year old tin of black eyed peas for dinner that night ;-D. 

Look how happy he looks to be out in the fresh air and blue skies! :-)

...and then I started worrying about his friend back in the dog toy bin.  What happened if my friend couldn't get there in time and some terrible person who would buy a stuffed sheep for their dog to rip to shreds got to him first :-o.  Since I had to drive right back past the farm store on my way home anyway, I decided I should foster the other sheep.  Crisis averted ;-).

...and I pulled in their parking lot just behind my friend :-).  Before she went in to rescue her sheep, we stood outside talking for awhile.  She's not had a stellar year.  I haven't had a stellar year.  We commiserated on our not stellar years and counted our many blessings and I left feeling a little better and less alone and I hope she did as well.  

...and I thought of how if the box store hadn't have been too crowded, I'd have not gone to the farm store at Just The Right Time and then on to the little grocery and back to the farm store at Just At The Right Time and how two little stuffed sheep could help brighten up a couple of afternoons.  

Meet Chocula Chip :-)

Of course I had to pull out some Count Chocula roving I have stashed and spin a couple of ounces so he could learn about his namesake and a bit about his new home and what we do here.  He watched very carefully.

...and picked up spinning right away.

Then we washed his skein to set the twist.

That is a happy little sheep :-).

He even has the ear pillow down pat :-).

Saturday, August 22, 2020

I'm Back, Baby!

...sort of.

My beloved old Windows 7 computer with all the old programs I love and know how to use...except a newer version of Microsoft Word that I've hated since the very day it was installed...crashed last week.  Being a glass half empty sort of person I assumed it was done for and was bracing myself for another "upgrade" that I'd really hate, and...


I say "I'm back...sort of" because it's taken forever to get this tiny post put together (and I haven't even tried to upload it yet).  I don't think it's a computer issue as it's been professionally repaired and tuned up, but more an AT&T internet (that I've also hated since pretty much the very day it was installed) issue.  I'm not even going to mention the new Blogger format.

I'm sounding so curmudgeonly that I almost decided to change the title of this post to "If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!", but I'm just so happy to have my old computer back that I'm going to focus on that part and keep "I'm Back, Baby!"


Thursday, August 13, 2020



(graphic all over the internet the last couple of days)

...I feel a little (#7).  I don't really care that they used one of my pictures to what I'm hoping is promote wool...but if that's the case...I'm pretty sure number(#3) ain't even a sheep :-(.  

Sigh... I should probably just stop complaining about it (#8), go stick my head in a bucket (#4) of margaritas,  jump off a cliff (#9) or put myself down for a nap (#5).  Then maybe I'd feel a little more (#2).

Pfffffttttt (#1).

In case you don't remember, (#6) is Blossom ;-).