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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Hopalong Hank

As I posted some Instagram pictures of Hank getting back to work yesterday, I realized that I hadn't shared his summer of woe story over here or even shared the results after his surgery.  So, in 25 words or less...

Hank had to have a toe on his back foot amputated because there was obviously something wrong with it, but we didn't know if it was a bone infection that antibiotics weren't reaching or possibly a tumor.  Turned out it was a tumor.  Luckily it was benign and Dr. Bridge was able to remove it entirely, so hopefully that's that!

He's healing up pretty well and should get his stitches out either today or tomorrow, but in the meantime they wanted him on stall rest for several days and he needs to keep his bandaged foot dry.  He's been in lock down in the barn for over a week.  Apparently that was Long Enough in his book.  

Two nights ago he walked out into the barn lot with his sheep and would not come back in.  I decided to leave him out knowing his foot wouldn't get wet until early morning when the dew settled and then I could re-do the bandage and he should be okay and at least he'd be happy.  

It was nice to see him out making his early morning rounds yesterday :-).

Other than being bored out of his head, I think the other reason he was adamant about getting back out was he knew something was "intruding" on his farm.  As I was doing morning chores, a big fox came trotting through the front field on the barn side of the wet weather creek.  

Hank woofed a warning and I looked up and saw it and then he and I went out to escort him along his way.  The fox was completely unconcerned until Hank ran down the hill and across the creek and chased it under the fence into the middle paddock and on back to the ponds.

Back on duty!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Work In Progress

Sadly not new pictures of my only knitting WIP...which is a basically just a work with no progress :-/.

Just a pretty fleece and a bunch of drop spindles on the porch.  Yep, it's that time of year.  Time to be getting ready for the upcoming fall festivals.  I have two coming up - the Millersburg Chautauqua Days festival this weekend and the big Kentucky Wool Festival the first weekend of October...which isn't far away...but it sure feels like it.  96 degrees this afternoon.  'Nuff said.

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts...this is Hershey.  Remember when Hershey was...Hershey colored2013 :-o.  How did that happen?  

He's a beautiful silver now.

Sure looks pretty and cool and relaxing on the porch this afternoon...  Luckily now that "August" is finally here (after two months of July apparently) the evenings cools off pretty nicely.  The Wool House Crafters meeting tonight shouldn't be too awful.  Auntie Reg made chocolate cake so that will make it all better...until tomorrow when it's 96 again.  No break until at least next week.  'Nuff said.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Butterfly Birthday

The first porch butterfly hatched this morning.  I knew he (watch for the two black dots on the lower wings) was close to hatching so hurried with the feeding and came back to the house to watch.  While I was killing time I decided to wash the dishes...and missed the first 30 or so seconds.  Housework...

While the weather is just as ugly as it could possibly be (way too hot and humid for a September morning!) it's perfect for a newly hatched butterfly and his wings were dry and he was ready to release in just a couple of hours.  

I carried him out to the zinnias and carefully turned the hamper over so the top was open, set it on the bench, grabbed my camera...and zip he was gone!  This was the only "release" picture I got.

He immediately got to drinking...probably because he was dehydrated because it's 9 million degrees...well, 90 degrees...

He had lots of company.  I thought this butterfly (moth?) was very pretty.

And a swallowtail!  I usually don't see many of those, but I'm hoping after all the caterpillars I found this summer there will be a big influx in the next week or so.  I need to look up their hatch schedule.

Better than tv!

Monday, September 2, 2019

The 2019 August Snow Report

It sounds like the Farmer's Almanac is predicting a colder and snowier winter than normal this year.  It will be fun or interesting (depending on which camp you are in regarding winter ;-) to compare their forecast with the August fog forecast.  

We really didn't have a lot of big fog this year.  There were several that I counted that were probably a bit questionable, but I figured flurries were better than nothing and maybe those light fog days were calling for light snow.  

Interestingly, as happened last year, on the very last day of August I woke to a big fog.  And on September 1st as well.  Maybe that means the snow will be late again this year...just in time for the Iknitarod.


Sunday, August 25, 2019

Back To School Photos

I've been submitting photos for the cover of the Kentucky Wool Festival program for many years now.  Some years I have a photo ready early in the year.  Many years I don't and find myself out in the field at the end of August taking pictures, hoping for that perfect head shot.  I think of this as taking my "back to [the wool festival] photos".  Here are a few favorites.



Ah, the innocent kindergartner, Big Moose.

PPPP (Popcorn PeePee Pants), the grand dame.  

The ever enduring Renny.

Handsome Andy.

Spud...the sofa ;-).

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Those Too Good Mommas

I should have done this weeks ago...but they were so darn cute together and it was so darn hot and I was so darn sure she'd eventually get the boy weaned herself...but she just couldn't bring herself to do it and it's a sure bet he was never going to step up.  Boys... 

Boys who are taller than their mothers!

At least they can still sleep together at the gate between Easy Breezy and the outside stall.  I'm sure she'll be a little upset when it's time to wake up and gather her boys to go out to graze this afternoon the way she likes them to, but everyone will get over it.  

Time to move outta the kitchen, Big Moose ;-).