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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Outstanding In Their Field

Handsome Hank (also now a new puzzle ;-).

"Oh look!  I have company."

"How you doin'?"

"I'm busy."

"Yes, ma'am."

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Speaking Of Getting Tall!

I just noticed that my mulitiple picture Instagram posts are not getting auto posted to Twitter.  Looks like they are not hitting Facebook either.  Argh.  Here's one from last night that you'd probably like to see.  There are three pictures with this post.  Look for the arrows on the sides of the pictures to see them all.

I find Instagram to be very easy to follow and use and not at all creepy like some other social media venues.  I don't hesitate to suggest following along.  I post almost every morning and frequently throughout the day if something noteworthy is going on.  It's like a mini blog :-).


Monday, August 14, 2017

At First Glance

This just looks like another one of those probably too numerous 'Biscuit and Muffin are such cute little lambs' posts.

Still grazing side by side.

What a cute little brother and sister.

My little baby Biscuit :-).

WHAT THE HECK, BISCUIT!?!  When did you get that tall?!?

I know it's what they are supposed to do, but...

...Mrs. Pepperpot and I wish they could stay babies forever...mostly because they are turning into bratty teenagers who keep trying to steal her food.  Biscuit's been stealing my food since he was a tiny baby ;-).


Saturday, August 12, 2017

A Little More Lavender

I think technically this is not a white, but a very pale pink or purple that fades to white. I need to check my original list though to make sure.  The bees like it regardless of the color :-).

But Tilly tends to gravitate to the purples ;-).

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Nest Watch 2

Sort of like looking for a four leaf clover...

Somewhere in there is a bird nest.  Do you see it?  I almost didn't either.  In fact, if the mother hadn't flown up as Kate and I walked towards it, I might have stepped on it :-o.

Now do you see it?

There were three eggs and one just hatched baby in the nest when I found it in the morning.  By the time I got back out there to mark the nest, there were three hatched and just one egg left.  Last night there were no eggs, but the babies were all piled on top of each other and I didn't want to disturb them so I'm assuming there are now four babies.  I'll check back in a few days.

The only ground nesting bird I was familiar with was a Kildeer.  It didn't seem like a likely spot for a Kildeer though.  I usually find them in a rocky spot and they yell at me while flying away.  This momma just quickly and quietly disappeared.

I came in and looked up nesting birds in Kentucky and didn't see anything that was a positive match. One nice site, The Birder's Report, offered to ID a nest, so I sent a picture and description of the location and quickly received a response back.  It's an Eastern Meadowlark!  One of my favorite birds to see around here.

I didn't realize they were ground nesters.  We leave as much "wild" area along our fence lines, creeks and ponds as we can Saint Tim will tolerate.  This nest is in the mowed area next to the "safe" area I'm guessing because the "wild" areas are too weedy.  I'm not sure what to do about that.  In the meantime, I've got this nest flagged and will be watching the ground for other nests.

Kate and Tilly never pass up a chance for a Unit ride, even if it involves boring sitting and watching me clean up fence lines.  The fence painters are coming.  We've been working our butts off trying to get ready.  That's the downside to letting things "go wild".  

Much of the perimeter fences are going to stay wild and covered up (you can see that in the background), but the interior field fences are being tidied up.  The fences around the big pond will just have the fronts cleaned up and painted.  I'll be glad when this is over!

If you've been jonesin' for some new puzzles, you are in luck!  I think this picture of Kate and Tilly would be fun, too :-).  


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Another Winner

The moon doesn't have to be full for me to enjoy watching it "rise".  Last night's full moon though was a winner for sure.  Bright, bright orange and big.  It looks like Blogger has "optimized" my picture, but if you look really closely maybe you can still see a hint of the horses near the bottom. Sigh...

As the moon rose, a thick fog rolled in.  I couldn't capture a picture of that, but just imagine all the low areas on the farm filled with heavy white fog with the bright moon light reflecting off it.  Very beautiful.  It was still foggy this morning, so for anyone keeping score on Instagram, we are now officially at one snowfall this winter :-).

I use to pick my giveaway winners and have never really thought about keeping track of who wins.  Since the first draw, Windswept Farm, seems to have this random giveaway thing figured out, I just did a second draw to give the rest of you a chance ;-D.  Denny Gross is the second pick. Drop me an email with your mailing address and I'll get a new Punkin's Patch bag out to you as well :-).

Monday, August 7, 2017

Bats, Bags And Blooms

During a late winter trip to Wilson's Nurseries in Frankfort, I impulse bought a packet of cotton seeds.  I started (or tried to) the entire packet, but the seed starter kit I used was a disaster :-(.  Only six plants made it to the garden.  I had to mark them so I didn't grab them thinking they were weeds.  

Once they started blooming though there was no confusion.  I had no idea cotton bloomed so pretty! Some of the flowers are white.  Some are white and turn pink.  Some seem to start pink.  I wish I had a time lapse camera set out there to say for sure.  The blooms don't last very long and drop to the ground.

The plants are waist high.

I think these "hands" are holding a new bud.

But these are holding what I'm guessing is the start of a cotton boll!

I don't know what kind of harvest I'm going to have with only six plants, but I've had enough fun so far to warrant giving them another try next spring.  I'm going to make my own starter pots though and not use the kits from TSC.

*     *     *     *     *

I'm glad I asked you all to count the bats.  I thought we only had around 20!  I try to count them but get distracted by watching where one goes and miss a couple more coming out or Baaxter walks over to talk to me or...  They haven't moved into the new house yet, but putting it up there didn't seem to scare them away.  Whew!

Windswept Farm won the drawing!  Send me an email with your mailing address and I'll get one of the new Punkin's Patch bags in the mail to you right away :-).

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Full House

If you are following my Instagram feed, you probably did wonder what on earth we were up to last night.

A post shared by Sara Dunham (@thecrazysheeplady) on

A post shared by Sara Dunham (@thecrazysheeplady) on

Remember the barn quilt bats?  They set up camp behind the barn quilt again this spring, but about a month ago I stopped seeing bat droppings on the ground and I was afraid we'd lost them all.  There never were very many and bats are really struggling these days :-/.

I was very happy and relieved to still see a couple bats leaving the barn in the days to follow.  I tried to poke around to see if I could figure out where they'd moved, but had no luck.  I didn't worry too much about it though.  I was just happy they were still here, alive and well.

When the weather turned so hot and humid that I was locking the sheep out of the barn in the late afternoon to force them into the shade (the sun beats down on the outer shed) and give the barn a chance to dry out, I'd sit behind the barn with them for awhile at night before I let them back in.

Right as it got dark, whoosh whoosh whoosh...  So that's where the bats were living!  I again poked around the back part of the barn, but couldn't find them.  Were they in the rafters?  Under the eaves? I still couldn't find them, the sneaky little bats, but I was on to them ;-).

Last week I happened upon some tell tale signs of bats, guano.  I'd come around the back corner of the barn and noticed it on the gate for the last stall on the horse side of the barn.  Huh.  Right under the bat house.  How about that.

My brother gave us that bat house (five or six?) years ago.  No one had ever used it.  We didn't have any other suitable locations to try moving it to, so we'd just left it.  After all these years, it was now occupied.  And not by just a couple bats!

I took this video last night.  Tim noticed one bat flying from the front of the barn over to the bat house and then everyone started leaving the house.  We are wondering if that was an adult waking all the kids up?

How many can you count?  Leave your number in the comments and we'll have a drawing for one of the new drawstring bags.  The bats aren't named, but we can be thankful that they are keeping so many bugs away from all the named sheep :-).

Here is a shorter, closer up video from the night before.  Isn't this cool?

After everyone cleared out and was safely off to work, Saint Tim got to work installing a second bat house.  He put it next to the original house, about 12" away.  I'm a bit worried that it is too close, but he had to work around a tobacco vent.  

I've emailed a bat conservation group to check.  Hopefully he won't have to go back up and move it although he did say he was less scared of heights when it was too dark to see how far he might fall :-o.  Reason #1694 for why we call him Saint Tim :-).

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Tour de Fleece Wrap Up - Prizes!

Although several of us are still pedaling to catch up, the Tour de Fleece is officially over and the group prizes have all been mailed so I thought I'd share.  

We have new project bags!  I love this design...but with several new additions since last year, it needed an update.  Thanks to Saint Tim, the Ts, Mrs. Pepperpot, Biscuit and Muffin are now all included.  It's a lightweight 10"x12" muslin bag, perfect for smallish projects...or your lunch. He also made us magnets and pins from the Biscuit and Muffin TdF ravatar design

I made a "big prize" for this year, too.  These are spinning contrast cloths and the one on the right was for the Punkin's Patch team and the one on the left was for the Meridian Jacobs team.  I picked some sheep that I thought matched some of MJ's sheep and the sheep on the PP cloth are Maisie, Count Chocula and Elizabeth, who were all spun as part of the Tour this year :-).

What exactly is a contrast cloth?  Well, if you were trying to spin some denim colored Elizabeth using your denim colored blue jeans as a back drop... would be much easier to see what you were doing if you were using a different colored background ;-).

Auntie Reg made the cloths and I painted the designs.  I think they are fun and useful and a nice way to finish off the 2017 Tour de Fleece.  Come join us next year!  We had a lot of fun :-).

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Larger Than Life

Look what showed up in my inbox this afternoon!


This is one of the gorgeous pictures Vernon Bewley took of Kate at the Turkey Trot Dog Trial last fall.  Now that's a good looking booth :-D.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Hank Appreciation Post

Hank and Comby, getting ready for the early evening shift.

Which is a bit hard to do when your close talking co-worker won't leave you alone ;-D.

Spud is so cute.  He and Hershey love to hang out with Hank.  Marcel did, too.  

Hank can smell trouble.

A not Biscuit and Muffin puzzle ;-).


Saturday, July 29, 2017

It's Too Nice To Be Inside

But in case you are and want a new puzzle.  I'd try to surprise you, but you already know it's Yet Another Biscuit And Muffin puzzle :-).


Friday, July 28, 2017

Most Any Job Is Do-able...

...if you just do it.  I've had a couple of those "do-able" jobs lately.  Putting this blog post up is sort of one as well, just way more fun :-).  

Remember the Tour de Fleece?  Yeah, I barely remember it either.  I didn't get everything done that I wanted to, but I did get enough done that I was happy at the end.  And I did take some pictures throughout even though I didn't post them.  As I really do want to remember at least some of what happened, here goes a flash tour.

First I spun half of Chocula.

Next I spun and plied the dark denim from Elizabeth.

Then I stewed about what to do about all these "not exactly the same" balls of medium blues while I spun the brown and white.

I was really happy with the dark blue and brown and then lost my ever loving mind apparently when I was spinning the white and it came out way thinner than the first two skeins.  I stewed on that for a couple days.

And spun and plied the other half of Chocula to get my nerve back up...while I continued to also stew about the "not exactly the same" medium blues.

Whereas at that point, as I tend to do with most of my yarn/knitting/weaving problems, I turned it all over to 20 and went back to the barn to play with Biscuit and Muffin.

He pulled out all of the brightest blues (on right) that didn't perfectly fit in with all the grayer blues (on left).  He then weighed them and weighed out the same amount of grayer blues.  I spun both separately and then did three plying samples to figure out our next step.

Left to right:  bright blue plied with bright blue, gray blue plied with gray blue and bright blue plied with gray blue.  We decided that the bright blue and gray blue were not significantly different enough to keep separate so I plied them together and then spun the remaining gray blue.

All the blues are twisted together here (including a very small skein of light blue) and you can pick out a few different strands here and there if you look very closely, but if I alternate the all gray blue with the bright and gray blue as I knit or weave, I believe it will all work itself out into a "nearly all exactly the same so Sara is happy" finished project.  

I also found this in the dusty archives of early July.  Those three kids are so stinkin' cute :-).