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Monday, June 26, 2017

Take Your Dog To Work Day

Also known as Every Day, so even though it was technically last Friday...

The lavender garden is in almost full bloom.  Once again I am unable to bring myself to cut even a small bouquet, so the "let's plant a huge lavender garden and harvest it for wool sachets" plan is a complete bust.  Luckily Saint Tim is a good sport.

I can't take a picture that really shows what the real garden looks or feels like.  I thought maybe putting something in for perspective would help.  I called in the trusty border collie sitting right outside the garden gate.

Kate took one look and was overwhelmed by the beauty of the garden the piles of little sticks (mulch) that were everywhere, just waiting for her to come play with them!

"This is the best playground ever!"

So I called in the trusty corgi ;-).

I took a bunch of pictures and picked out a bunch of that bunch that I liked...and then couldn't narrow them down and I need to go feed Biscuit and Muffin so I decided to just post the first 10 favorites and tomorrow post 10 more.

You really can't have too many pictures of lavender.  

And bees.

And another surprise.


In the meantime...


Friday, June 23, 2017

Green Pastures

Another shot of a few Final Frontier Farms ewes and lambs at the nursery farm.

And a new puzzle :-).


Thursday, June 22, 2017

You Again?

In all the excitement of picking up Muffin and her mom, now known as Mrs. Pepperpot (thank you Saint Tim!), I almost forgot I took some pictures of a few of the Lamb Camp lambs!

"You again?"

Prime real estate, here!

A lamb after my own the shade.

I wouldn't be surprised if this ewe wasn't one of Pepperpot's daughters or granddaughters or at very least a niece.  Between the fleece and her dark face with not much hair, she looks like she has some Wensleydale in her background.  Might have to have Kathy check the flock books.

This cute momma has run out of shade but she's so comfy on her lamb pillow it's a little hard to get motivated.

And what are those crazy kids up to?

Playing king of the mountain on the compost pile :-).

And look who's in the background!

It's the Krista Ewe and her two cute babies :-D.

Looks like it's time to find some new shade.

Here is a new puzzle.  As always, click the picture or this text to get to the actual puzzle.  


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Because Some Things Once Seen Cannot Be Unseen...

As I didn't catch this on camera, I thought I might create a yet another Maisie cartoon for creative documentation.  This is a family friendly blog though and rather than post an embarrassing picture of Saint Tim, I'm reposting one of my very favorite pictures of Maisie from the early days.

If you remember back a few posts to my story about "edumacating" Maisie (and are a long time follower of this blog), you probably won't be at all surprised to update.  What follows might be Maisie's Finest Funniest Moment.  

Saint Tim was in the barn with me last night because we needed to catch Burrnie and trim his feet.  I had my back turned and missed what happened, but heard Tim squalling, using some, um, grown up words and turned to see Maisie hightailing it out of there.

Honestly, I was surprised.  She's been good lately.  Really, really good.  She hasn't butted me, pawed me, even gotten in the least bit snarky.  We've had many good evening chats, lots of tummy rubs and even ear scratches!  What on earth had happened?!?

"She pulled my pants down!"

Maisie drops mic and [runs] away :-D

Almost Late For Dinner

Biscuit's favorite place to graze is still on the driveway although he's doing great out in the paddock eating "big boy food".  I no longer have to worry about putting a lead on him to get him to come back.  I just "call him for dinner" :-).

Looks like he's brought a little dinner back with him :-D.

Have a funny Maisie story to share, but I think it needs a graphic.  I'm working on it ;-).

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Young Eagles

Somehow, a couple years ago when we put up the purple martin house, I got to talking to the lady at the water company and the subject of birds came up.  She's had martins at her farm for years and she was happy to share information and tips and we've compared notes since.

This spring when I stopped in, we talked martins for a couple minutes and then she excitedly told me they had a nesting pair of eagles on the river bordering their farm.  What?!?  She had some pictures to show and told me where we could find the nest.  

Of course during lambing and baby Biscuit time I couldn't get away to go look.  When I stopped in the other day, I'd assumed the babies would have already fledged.  No, but they were close.  Tim and I headed to the river that afternoon.

The nest was easy to spot.  It's huge!  Probably three feet deep?  Maybe five feet across?

And yep, there's a young eagle.

Two eagles!

You should be able to click to biggify these pictures.

Poor Saint Tim is not out fishing today, rather working his butt off getting stuff caught up around the farm.  We've both had a busy spring.  Maybe the predicted storms will hold off this afternoon and he can make a Father's Day dash to the river.

Friday, June 16, 2017

A Little Off The [Muffin] Top

Long wooled sheep (Cotswolds, Lincolns, Border Leicesters...) can get pretty uncomfortable around here with our "lovely" summer heat and humidity.  A couple here, namely Hershey and Spud, have had a great deal of trouble with the heat in the past.  

While I've been told the wool acts as an insulator against the heat, I feel comfortable calling shenanigans on that.  A few years ago Spud started acting off so I took his temp thinking he was sick.  108!  Remembering how much shearing helped Hershey his first summer, we did a quick emergency shear while we waited for the vet.  Within an hour his temp was back down to an acceptable 103.

Since then we've re-sheared Hershey, Spud and Murphy in late May, early June.  While Spud has still had an occasional heat stress issue, we've learned how to watch and deal with it.  Heat stress is nothing to fool around with, people or animals!  We were all glad to see Bill the other day.

Well, except maybe B. Willard ;-).  That's him trying to open the gate and get out.  Willard is a clever gate opener.  He knows how to push or pull each gate with his foot.  I added him and Rebecca Boone to the re-shearing list because both fleeces were a bit felted this spring.  Not sure if this will help or not, but worth a try.

Remembering heat stressed Hershey, who was at the time a dark colored (now gray) long wooled lamb, we sheared little Muffin as well.  I hated throwing away her sweet little lamb fleece (the fleece I held on my lap while she napped as a tiny lamb) and cutting off her cute little muffin top and chubby cheeks, but I knew the summer heat would be way too hard on her.

"My mom is right over there so I guess I'm okay."

"I thought I didn't have to do this until I got older."

This is a bit long because Bill took so much extra care with her tiny non-B. Willard sized body.  I love her mom keeping a close watch on them both.  You can hear Biscuit in the background (higher pitched baby voice) and Jester weighs in a couple times too (deep quiet baaa).  

We picked up everyone's 'too short to do anything with other than make some wool balls' trimmings. Muffin got her own "bag" and look, it's a baby sheet!  I guess someone must have known we'd eventually shear a baby here.  There is a good amount of wool in there for a two month old lamb.

"Jennifer told me I had to go tell Muffin her hair looks good even if I don't think it does."

It does look good though and momma looks even better.  She had a fiber break that was causing her to look a little Velveteen Rabbit-ish.  She'll be ready to become a sweater by next spring.

They both will! (Insert positive thinking, rinse, repeat...)

And she really is that black underneath.  And she feels like velvet :-).

But you can tell by her droopy ears how much that took out of her.  (Insert positive thinking, rinse, repeat!)

A new Biscuit and Muffin puzzle :-).  Click here or on the picture of the puzzle to play.


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Cat Shepherdess

One of my favorite Twitter follows is Bodacious, the Cat Shepherd. He shepherds Zwartbles sheep in Ireland.  Betsy's shepherding sheep in Kentucky :-).

After our grueling camp out night, I figured she'd be done with sheep for awhile.  I guess a good shepherdess isn't scared off that easily.  The next night, while I stood down the hill waiting to make sure Biscuit was going to settle in okay, she stayed up at the barn near his gate.  

Biscuit's showing his new friends all the best spots to yard graze.  Muffin wants to go anywhere Biscuit goes, so she slipped out the gate with him yesterday afternoon.  Of course, momma then had to come, too.  

Betsy headed down to make sure everyone was doing their job.

The weed eating chain gang :-D.