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Monday, October 16, 2017

The First Official Meet And Greet

There had been an accidental meet and greet a couple months ago when I'd not latched a gate all the way and the two lambs gleefully bounced out into the big flock with Mrs. Pepperpot having a stroke racing along behind them trying to fight anyone daring to get close to Muffin.  The "official" meet and greet went much smoother.  

As I'd mentioned before, Muffin just marched on out into the main flock like she'd been there all along.  Mrs. Pepperpot still wasn't thrilled, but there was no stopping her.

Biscuit was a bit more backward reserved, but B. Willard, who'd been a bottle lamb many years ago, helped him feel welcome.

Mrs. Pepperpot finally caught up with Muffin and then gathered Biscuit to get them both to "safety".

"I'm coming.  Waaait!"

But not far enough away.  Here comes Tara.

"Don't get in a punching match with a sheep with horns, Biscuit."

"Uh oh, I can't believe he did that.  I'm probably going to have to go break this up. That boy will never grow up."

She didn't.  Everyone got along fine.  It was getting late when I finally was able to let them out so we only stayed out for a little while and then the three came back out for dinner and bed.  I have one more group of pictures to share and then we should be almost sort of caught up.  For now.  

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Happier Hank

"What's the matter, Hank?"  

"Everything.  I need a tummy rub."

"Sorry Miss June, but it's Hank's turn."

"Can you believe that?  That guy is so mean, talking to that other dog and not me."

"This place is (yawn) terrible."

Hank loves everyone, but he especially loves Saint Tim :-).  

Just making sure June knows he's getting all the attention.  June's not losing any sleep over it ;-).

"I think I need some more tummy rubbing."

And that's why Saint Tim is his favorite ;-).

Before you feel too sorry for June, she'd already had a turn ;-).

Flock dogs are endlessly fascinating.  While many people have seen border collies working, herding sheep under direction of a shepherd, the only way you could get a taste of how livestock guardian dogs work would be to live with them.  I love the teams of guardian dogs at The Training Center and Final Frontier Farm.

The first night June was here we heard Hank and June barking together out back.  When the coyotes started calling last night I woke hearing June barking in the side field, up near the road.  Hank was barking out back.  They'd divided up and put the sheep, in the barn, between them.  Teamwork!

In the past Hank would have had to work the back AND the front.  It's not like this is big open range, but that's still a big job traveling back and forth.  This morning when I walked out to let the chickens out I quietly peeked around the back of the barn.  Both dogs were sound asleep together in the barn lot about 25 feet apart :-).  

I did morning chores about an hour later and Hank seemed much happier this morning.  He finally allowed himself to slip out the gate to make his normal yard check and then a big loop out back and I think that helped as well.  We've had everyone closed into the arena, barn lot and side field so we can keep a close eye on everything for a few days.  

I think life is starting to settle back down.  For everyone.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Meet June

While it seems impossible that Hank is nine...even though it also seems like he's been here forever...Hank is nine...and it's time to think about bringing along the next generation of farm security.  

I was hoping to wait another year or twelve, but the point was made that it would be best to do this before Hank got too old and then a situation presented itself that seemed like a gift from the dog gods and, well, meet June.

June is a 6 1/2 month old Anatolian Shepherd.

She loves sheep.

Even, I think, our Very Opinionated Sheep.

Pretty dog and a pretty morning.

Late afternoon.

Checking in with Hank.

I've had several questions about how Maisie likes her.  You can see she is not a big fan.  I was surprised by that as she loves Hank.  She might come around...but it might take some time, sort of like cookie eating* ;-).

I'm honestly not really sure how Hank feels about her.  In the beginning I think he was excited to have some company, but he was also a little concerned about her around his sheep and watched her pretty intently all day.  Today he didn't worry about her much at all, but did seem maybe a little miffed that she was still here.  

She's very good around the sheep so I think that's reassured him safety-wise.  We've tried to make sure he knows he's still very special and loved and he and Saint Tim had a big tummy rub session this evening and that cheered him up quite a bit.   He's run this farm by himself for almost nine years.  Change is hard.  But change is frequently good.  Right, Maisie?  ;-)

*Maisie has refused to eat cookies her whole life (almost five years) and just when I was thinking I needed to get a video of her torpedo-ing a cooking out of her mouth...she decided to prove me wrong and start eating them.  She probably still hates cookies, but thinks that's funny.    

Play Quietly Amongst Yourselves...Everyone

If you are following our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook feeds (links on the right), you know about Biscuit and Muffin's Integration Day and have also met June.  I have a bunch of cute and funny pictures of Biscuit and Muffin goofing around the other night and I'm hoping to get some June pictures today if it dries out some.  

In 25 (or so) words or less, Muffin marched right into the flock like she owned it.  Biscuit is happiest right by my side, but he's doing okay mixing in, too.  June is doing everything right and other than being a little confused/concerned with letting a dog in with his sheep and figuring out dinner time, Hank is pretty happy with her and they've had some good romps and naps and we heard them both woofing together out back last night.

This is one of my favorite pictures from the other night.  Biscuit has always been a good great jumper.  The highest jumping lamb we've had.  It's his super power :-).  I'm glad I caught this and just wish it was a split second later when he was at full height, way higher than Muffin's back!

I made a puzzle from this and at first cropped off some of the grass so there wasn't So Much Green, but it made his jump appear smaller and that took some of the fun away and moms always put their kids first and in the best light so you'll just have to slog through some green ;-).  There is also a new puzzle from that cute picture of 20 at the festival to keep you busy while we catch our breath here.


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

20's Favorite Part Of The Festival

Well, besides all the great hugs :-). 

Several cities in the area have showcased painted animals in years past.  Cincinnati did pigs, Lexington did horses...   The Pendleton County Tourism Council hosted sheep for their Ewe-nique Art Walk a couple weeks before the wool festival this year.  They were fabulous!  20 took a few minutes before the gates opened on Sunday to get a closer look.

Speaking of gates, at one point I looked over (the sheep were across from the Wool Tent) and noticed the gate into their pen was open.  I had a moment of panic and almost jumped up and ran over...and then remembered they weren't real sheep.  I'm going to blame that on lack of sleep, not any sort of experience I might have with gates being left open around here ;-).

*     *     *     *     *

Thank you for all the kind comments about the booth!  The wreaths, pins and pumpkins are all sold out right now, but I'm going to do my best to get some more made to add to the farm shop as soon as possible.  I still have a couple loose ends to tie up from the festival and another Really Big Project in the works :-o.  Hopefully things will settle down by next week.

Stop laughing.  It's really not funny ;-).

Monday, October 9, 2017

The 2017 Kentucky Wool Festival

Well, another Kentucky Wool Festival is in the books.  Whew!  This was probably my favorite booth set up to date.  Or I should say booth design.  The set up was as brutal as always :-o.  A huge thanks to Auntie Reg and Uncle John for all their help.  Setting up a festival booth is not for the faint of heart!

The weather was atrocious - upper 80s on Friday and Saturday and then deluge rains on Sunday.  Still, the crowds were heavy (even in the rain!) and they were happily spending money, which was a huge relief.  Maintaining a flock of increasingly aging sheep is not for the faint of wallet and we desperately needed a good show.  Thank you!!!

Here are a few booth shots.  

Can I say once again, Thank You, Auntie Reg!  Not only do you keep everything running smoothly, but you are a great salesperson.  I am Not Good at self promotion.  It was a huge relief to hear you covering that awkward part for me.

I've never tried to make something like felted wool pumpkins before.  If I'd had any idea how cute these would turn out, I'd have been trying to make them all summer.  They sold out quickly and I was sad to see them go, but I can make more and that bushel basket paid for 83 bales of hay :-D.

There were some funny votes for sheep throughout the weekend.  It was pretty much a toss up between "Maisie" and "Everyone because I can't pick a favorite."  I guess because a vote for everyone includes a vote for Maisie, we'll let her think she "won".  The prize for playing was a packet of farm note cards.  

The fleeces inside the booth were from the Christmas Lamb Camp lambs, just recently shorn.  This was one of my favorites.  

Tavia was the festival's "cover sheep" this year.

I think the wool wreaths were very pretty.  That is Petunia on the left and Blossom on the right.

I made some Biscuit and Muffin Christmas ornaments that look like the Tour de Fleece ravatar.  Instead of grazing on clover, they are eating hay...since that's what they'd be eating at Christmas time :-).

I really like the new small tote bags.  I really like the original bags, too, but since Biscuit, Muffin, Mrs. Pepperpot and the Ts aren't on there...  

A few felted sheep.

And a few you can wear :-).

If you saw the new table cloth at the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival in May, you may remember that only baby Biscuit was looking at the spinning wheel.  I can no longer think of Biscuit without Muffin, so even though she wasn't technically here when she was a tiny baby, she was already in our hearts so I painted her on :-).

I have some cute 20 pictures to share tomorrow.  For now I'm signing off and heading to bed. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

My Favorite Sheep Is...

I always love it when someone stops by a festival booth and tells me they enjoy reading the blog.  I could look up the computer stats to see if people are still reading, but a personal comment is always more fun.  For extra fun this year we have a small gift for anyone stopping by.  

I tried to figure out a way to link this "coupon" as a downloadable file, but that seems to be above my pay grade.  You could do a screen shot and print it that way I guess, but I'm going to draw on one of my favorite/most useful Homer Simpson lines "Can't someone else do it?"  Someone meaning Saint Tim ;-).

If you are as non-techy as I am and can't figure out how to print your own coupon, I'll have a stack of them available in the booth.  Stop by this weekend and say hi and vote for Maisie your favorite sheep.  

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


I'm finishing up some last minute details for the Kentucky Wool Festival this weekend and wanted to make a sign to advertise some fleeces I'm bringing for Final Frontier Farm.  "Oh, I'll just pull a picture off the blog and use that."

I clicked on the label "Lamb Camp" and scrolled down...and there weren't very many pictures there.  And not some of the favorites I picked for the 2018 Lamb Camp calendar.  Did I forget to tag them "Lamb Camp"?  I looked through the full month.  Where are some of those super cute pictures?!?

Then it hit me.  I was so busy helping with lambing at both Final Frontier and The Training Center and also taking care of our own farm and then Biscuit that I missed posting a bunch of Lamb Camp pictures!

So...after the festival is over and I've caught my breath, REMIND ME to go back through the photo files and post some of those missing Lamb Camp pictures.  In the meantime, here's one of my favorites.  

If you want a sneak peak at some of the other super cute pictures, come out to the festival this weekend and pick up a calendar ;-).  And yes, they'll be available online...after the festival :-o.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

No Words

I have no words. Or too many words. That don't even make sense in my head, much less in print.  I am horribly Sad.  Frustrated.  Discouraged.  Overwhelmed.  Hopeless.  I'm also pretty simple minded.  Like a sheep.  Or maybe a dog.  Definitely not smart enough to be a cat.  I can't figure this all out.

(Deleted blah blah blah blah blah blah blah...and returned to first paragraph...)

Everybody take care of each other.  The end.  And if you need to take a break and sit out in the field with Hank...

...maybe don't sit near Maisie ;-).  

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Some Sunday Sheep Shots

It was a beautiful day.  I worked outside on the Wool House porch as much as I could and when I could stand it no longer, I grabbed my camera and headed out back with the sheep.  

Levi, Bullwinkle, Chocula

Mr. Handsome Hank

Can you believe that is baby Bullwinkle?!?

Chocula and Levi

The Bud-man

Levi and Bullwinkle are still good brothers.

In fact, they say Biscuit and Muffin ain't got nothin' on them and now they even have a puzzle to prove it!

Three Ts

We are getting close to being ready for the Kentucky Wool Festival this weekend.  I have something fun planned for any blog readers coming to the festival.  Stay tuned!