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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sleepy Sheepy Shots

When I went out at noon to check for frozen water in Del Boca Vista (no heated water out there :-/) everyone was so cute napping that I ran back for the camera. It might be dreary and drab out in the fields, but barn shots always look pretty cozy :-).

Woody, my favorite funny face.

Spudalicious and his comfy pillow - yikes!

Hershey and his big boy fleece.  Hard to believe that chocolate brown from the other day was him!

Pretty Petunia, always quick with a smile :-).

Baaxter and Murph in mid-chew.  Ford and Jester are out back grazing :-).  Henri's inside napping.

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Terry and Linda said...

I"m always up for a smile also!