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Monday, February 16, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up...On A Monday

This is going to be a quickie. I may come back and add some more "details" later, but I'm worried about the old guys and want to head back out for a barn check.  The weather here is not good.  Still, I'm trying to keep the week's end wrap up running...even if it's not technically the weekend any longer. I'd have done it last night, but I got sucked into the SNL 40th Anniversary ;-).

This was taken several days ago (when the weather was lovely) and I've actually added quite a few rows since.  I'm really enjoying knitting the Peerie Flooers hat and I'm hoping my technique is getting better as I go.  This is a "warm up" for the Iknitarod.  We are following the Yukon Quest race.  They aren't having great weather either.

More painting this year.  Wanted a small, fun project.  We'll see what develops.

16 new spindles underway.  I like to make drop spindles :-).

A HUGE box of wool arrived from Nistock Farms.  I'm trying to save opening the box for the Winter Wool Workshop...but the anticipation is killing me ;-).

And while we had cold, but sunny and no wind weather yesterday, we worked to prep the barn for the upcoming nasty week.  I wanted to run a heavy extension cord out to a heated water bucket for Del Boca Vista.  I ran the cord through some pvc jump poles.  You can see why I would want to do that ;-).

Of course Graham had to help.  He was disappointed in the lack of power tools.

As was Baaxter.  Baaxter helps with everything we do around the barn.  He is so curious and interested and not just in a nosy sheep sort of way.  I really think he's watching how we do things. He'd totally be an engineer if he was a "real boy".

Jester and Ford enjoyed the warm afternoon.  And it really was warm.  The temps were in the low 20s but with no wind and full sun, it was actually very pleasant.  

Tim and Comby waiting for a parts delivery.

Paige (Talk's mom) and I tore up the manure spreader.  She and Tim had it back running in no time :-).

And this cold looking sunset last night definitely delivered and is still going strong.  The wind and snow is blowing down from Stella's house (the east), which very rarely happens.  The little shed in Del Boca Vista is cold with the snow blowing in.  The boys are cold.  

I added a big piece of plywood to the front this morning and that seemed to help quite a bit.  I just hope it's going to help enough.  I sat in there for a bit and I think it's warmer in there than in the big barn under a lamp like we used last year.  But that's why I'm headed back up to check on them.  The plan can always change.

How did your weekend wrap up?  And for all the folks facing the cold, stay wrapped up!  ;-)

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