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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Visiting The Local Yarn Store

Karen (kbdoolin) has been here this past week. We've been lambing and weaving our butts off.  Well, mostly I've been lambing and she's been weaving (although I did get a warp for some dish towels wound and ready to thread up :-).  She wove a beautiful scarf from some handspun Rebecca Boone and Woolliam.  

The warp (long threads going from back to front on the loom - in this case Woolliam) ends that are leftover when you cut a project off the loom are called thrums.  I usually save back a few thrumbs for tying yarn skeins and toss the rest out for the birds.  Karen scattered hers in a nearby red bud last night and early this morning...

Within minutes the shelves were picked clean!

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