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Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Things We Do For Our Kids

One of the many things we love about our farm is actually not on our farm. Well, not all the time at least.  Some of the traffic going up and down the lane is folks going to town.  Most of the traffic going up and down the lane is neighbors.

Neighbors checking on neighbors, stopping in to help neighbors, picking on neighbors...and at the end of the day, just riding around visiting.  The vehicle of choice is what has become affectionately known around here as a "Unit".

Need to take that last bale of nasty, moldy hay that had wintered in the baler over to the neighbor to see how she likes her hay?  You take your Unit.  Haha, very funny ;-).  Note Bullwinkle up front.

Stopping by at the end of the day.  Bullwinkle jumps right in.  No pictures of the John Deere gator because that neighbor won't let Bullwinkle near it.  Oh, the inhumanity!

Bullwinkle took one ride and now he is a Unit Junkie.

So Saint Tim finally caved and got him his very own Unit.  Picture from a friend who happened to see Tim driving home from the big city last night.  What are the odds!

He jumped right in and off we go!

I think this picture is funny not only because of the expression on BW's face, but the angle of the house and Hank trotting by.  

I think this one is a scream.  We didn't anticipate how much Weaslie would love the Unit.

It was really too hot for the dogs to be with us, especially in the back, but Kate was not going to let us leave her behind.  She loves the Unit, too.

As did Stella.  We went back to check on her grandkids (the five new calves).  We got a tiny bit of mud on the new (to us) Unit and were having a laugh about what Tim would have to say.  Not to worry, we got a big storm last night and there's not a spec of mud left on it.  But several tree limbs are down and will need cleaned up today.  

Good thing we got a Unit ;-D.

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