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Thursday, August 11, 2016

One Good Thing

One of the only things I've enjoyed about this summer have been the beautiful foggy mornings.  It would be even nicer if they were cool foggy mornings, but... well, I'll quit complaining.

I love watching Hank and the sheep meander out in the morning mist.

I've mentioned the "early risers" before.  Mostly it's the younger sheep...and B. Willard.  You can't keep up that physique without putting in some early mornings ;-D.

The next group.

And some more.

The later risers ;-).

Slowly crossing the bridge.

Everyone's clocked in.

I am having trouble with my index finger (aka my puzzle working finger :-o) so haven't even worked the last few puzzles I've made :-(.  When I logged in this morning to create a new puzzle with one of the shots above I was excited to see another of my puzzles has been selected for a Featured Puzzle!

After reading your comments about the hummingbird puzzle taking so long, I decided to look and see how the Country Lane puzzle fared.  Holy. Moly.  Someone worked that puppy in 11:49 minutes.  How on earth?!?  Now I'm really itching to work a puzzle!

I'm glad everyone's enjoying the puzzles.  I think they're super fun!

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