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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Field?

I'm sure there's a clever and funny answer to this, but I am not good at making up jokes.  Maybe I'll send it to The Chicken Chick for the Ellen deHeneres Yolk of the Day.  I'm a sucker for silly jokes :-).

I love this quick (just before B and L raced up for breakfast) snap of Buddy and the last of The Amazing Jumping Chickens of Harrison County.  I've loved those two Welsomer hens.  We lost one back in the spring and I thought we'd lost this old (at least 10) girl during one of the super hot spells of this past summer, but she's back going strong.  

I looked back through a few pages of The Adventure Chicken label but can't find the video that I'm sure I posted of them jumping up for cookies.  Does anyone else remember that?  She can still jump, but not as high.  I don't ask her to do it anymore, but sometimes when I'm handing out treats, if I'm not fast enough for her, she'll still pop up and pinch my fingers :-D.

Speaking of looking back through old posts, the winner of the final calendar drawing is Karen B. :-). And speaking of calendars, I will get the official calendar post up the first part of next week after the Hug a Sheep Party this Saturday.

Ready for a couple silly jokes?

Via The Chicken Chick - one of the bright spots on Facebook

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