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Saturday, July 1, 2017

And We're Off

Well, 20 loaded me down.  I knew he would.  We're alike that way ;-).  Since this seems to be the year of color, we settled on the Elizabeth blues, Chocula's light brown, Petunia's dark brown, Murphy's gray, some white over gray core roving from Allie and gray over white core roving from Billy Belly.  Those last three are from deep in the SABLE*. 

The colorful batt in the bag came from a friend and is for one of the challenge days.  Not that I think the batt is going to be challenging but the whole spinning red, green and white into one yarn...  I may have to add in a small ball of Plain White as an antidote.  This Tour will cure me or kill me!  

I think the team ravatar turned out cute.  Muffin and Biscuit grazing nose to nose in the blooming clover :-).

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Just like in real life.

Thank you for all the kind words for Jester.  The very first wool I spun was Punkin's.  I sat down at a friend's wheel one afternoon and she got me started.  And while I was very excited to actually be making yarn, I found myself choking back tears.  It goes fast, that wool through your fingers.  Those twelve years. Jester's seventeen.  I don't think I'll be spinning any Jester this year.

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