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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Lace Weight

It really should say "cobweb" weight, but I figured if I did that and didn't put a picture of Kate at the top I wouldn't have many folks looking on ;-).  This is really neat though, so I hope you scroll down.

You'll have to click to biggify.  Do you see the web?

Do you see how it's anchored at the bottom?

That one strand of web is strong enough to bend that pretty good size mint blossom around!  

And it worked.  Sorry, fly, but that spider worked hard to catch you :-/.

And here he/she is.  Wouldn't it be neat to be able to tuck into a flower like that?  Maybe not that exact petal ;-).

A welcome sign of fall!

And we got a little rain :-D.

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