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Monday, November 13, 2017

Hank And June Flip Book

I remember heading out to the barn for evening chores the first miserably wet and cold evening after we got Hank.  I really wasn't sure how I felt about him being outside in that.  I knew how much Iris and Tilly enjoy sleeping in the warm kitchen but I'd been told not to worry.  That livestock guardian dogs were different.  

I looked in all of Hank's normal barn spots and he was nowhere to be found.  I looked around the corner of the barn thinking he was hiding out in one of the horse stalls.  No.  I knew it.  He was miserable and had run away from home...and then I spotted him.  He was out in one of the paddocks running laps with a big happy grin on his face.  

Hank and I actually prefer cold weather :-).  Running laps and bouncing around playing chase and catch me became our nightly routine that winter.  During the hot summer we both played let's just sit out on the hill after the sun starts to set.  Winter returned and the games resumed.

Evening seems to be a common time for animals to play.  I've watched rabbits and foxes and skunks come to life as the sun starts to set.  Big fields of lambs race around jumping on and off round bales or tree stumps until their mouths are open panting.  Hank and June get completely silly too.  

I'm not sure if it's just the playing time of day or if this is some sort of evening warm up, but this is their nightly routine.  They are good about playing away from the flock, but I have to really watch if I'm out there so I don't get run over.  Luckily I can hear them coming.  If you didn't know they were best friends... :-o

June being here has been really good for Hank.  If you'd have asked me a month ago if Hank was "old" I'd have said no.  But as soon as we put a young dog next to him...we both had to admit Hank is getting old :-/.  A month of Camp June has put a little fresh pep in his step though.

Remember June's second night here?  When they divided up the work and she took the front field and Hank stayed out back?  Now when they feel like there is a threat, Hank works the smaller front field and June works the entire back of the farm.  She can get to the fence line next to Stella's house in just a matter of seconds! 

There was some action the other night and June raced up the hill while Hank and I stayed with the flock at the barn.  Once everything had settled back down I gave both dogs a chew bone and they sat side by side out back, prepared for the rest of the night.   

They are a good team. If we'd have had any idea how much Hank would love June, we'd have gotten a second dog much sooner.  Or maybe he wouldn't have loved anyone but this June.  Hank and June were Tim's grandparents.  In case you were wondering how they got their names :-).

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