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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Tell Tale Signs

When I walked back up to the barn after lunch I saw the chicken feeder knocked apart and empty.  This is a classic sheep move.  Sheep love chicken feed.  So do Corgis, but they don't have to bust the feeder open to get to the food.  It was sheep.  

Great.  I left a gate open somewhere.  None of my flowers were chewed down to the ground, so everyone stayed in the barn.  Wonder what got torn up.  What kind of mess(es) am I going to have to clean up...  I know what I'm in for :-/.  

Well, this is a surprise.  Nothing.  Wait a minute...  Do you see the sheep?

Now do you?

Let's walk around to the other side (as I need to shut a gate on the way around ;-).

Biscuit!  That's actually pretty clever if I say so myself!

"Yeah, I know ;-)."

That's Rocky (one of the new "rams") laying down.  Jared (the other one) came in to see what was going on...and can't believe it.  "How'd that punk get over there right in front of our fan?!?"

I let him sleep there until he got up and then I ushered him back to the correct side of the gate.  Later I found this.

Must have been a good day to be Biscuit :-).

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