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Thursday, October 4, 2018

Guess What!

It's time for the Kentucky Wool Festival.  This weekend.  Like starting tomorrow.  How on earth did that happen?!?  

What a year...

We're there.  We are set up.  The booth is jam packed with beautiful raw fleeces and pretty roving, a few colorful wool pumpkins, the 2019 Farm and Lamb Camp calendars, some Christmas ornaments, tote bags, Mug Shot mugs...and a fun new addition just outside the big tent.

Last year, for fun, we did the My Favorite Sheep Is... contest.  That was hilarious, so we are doing it again.  Since I didn't get any tech-y-er (see, I can't even spell the word) since last year, we are going to run it exactly the same way as last year.  Here are the instructions for how to play :-).

Come on out and enjoy the festival and please stop by the Punkin's Patch/Equinox Farm booth and say "Hi!" and vote for Maisie your favorite sheep.  You'll get a free prize!

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