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Monday, November 25, 2019

Birthday Memories

It was getting late and the sun was going down and I thought about postponing Maisie's birthday party.  When I walked out back and saw that all the sheep were grazing out in the back fields, that was the icing on the cake...until I saw Maisie standing just down the hill staring at me.  Oh well, okay.

I grabbed a bale of straw and carried it through the barn lot.  I tossed it over the short fence, turned around and found Maisie was now standing right beside me.  "I know what today is!"  I opened the gate, she walked herself through without any fuss.  I think she really DID know it was her birthday.  

I gathered up the "cake", her candle, one of Auntie Reg's birthday balloons and my camera.  Maisie was now grazing at the far corner of the...whatever you'd call that little area with the mounting block.  She watched me assemble her cake and then walked over and dug right in.

She totally knew it was her birthday.

Studying the new balloon in between bites.

The only sheep that were near the barn were Cheeto, who's knee is bothering her, Clover Belly, who was hoping for early dinner and Biscuit...who probably also knew what that bale of straw meant.  After Maisie had eaten as many Cheerios as I thought she needed, I let them come in and join the party.

"I've never been to a birthday party before.  This is fun!  I love birthday cake!"

"I think I love this balloon!"

And then we all heard it.  Sheep bells.  Coming in fast.  Someone out in the field finally noticed the party in progress at the barn and everyone  raced in.

And that was the end of the Maisie's seventh birthday party.

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