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Thursday, August 13, 2015


I was working in the wash room this evening and noticed the sun setting so beautifully over the zinnias. I grabbed my camera, walked outside, snapped a couple shots and....well, let's back up...

Earlier in the evening I found a tortured, but not dead mouse in the barn.  Yes, I know cats will be cats and yes, catching mice in the barn is a good thing, but if you start something, finish it.  Don't torture it.  

I wasn't sure if the wounds were fatal, but it wasn't able to run away.  Since whoever had caught it had lost interest in it and now the dogs were nosing around, I decided to put it in a box and set it someplace safe and quiet so it could either recover or pass on in peace.   

Okay, back to the flowers and the beautiful sunset...

I took a couple pictures, trying to line up with the rapidly setting sun and fiddle with my camera settings.  




She sounded like she was down in a well.  Where on earth was she and what was she doing?!?  



I raced around the new shop and found this.  And started laughing.  

"Liddy!  What on earth happened?  Hang on, I'll be right there (right after a take a couple very quick pictures ;-)".

She was obviously relieved to hear my voice, but immediately started walking in the opposite direction.  I guess the sound was bouncing off the inside of the box, confusing her.  I finally caught up with her a few yards off the far fence.

And what box was on her head?  Oh, you know!

There's always a Cheerio box around somewhere.  When I set the poor mouse over the fence away from the cats and dogs, I never thought about Liddy-the-Pooh finding it ;-).

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