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Monday, August 31, 2015

Morale Booster

The weather was perfect last week that I let my guard down and allowed myself to get lulled into thinking I'd lived through summer.   The upcoming 10 day forecast is brutal (at least to me).  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate summer?   The sheep...not so fond of it either.  

To make matters worse, as the mercury neared 90 today, the biting flies came out.  Seriously?!?  The sheep spent most of the day in the barn, venturing out only for a few minutes here and there to grab something to eat and then running back for cover.  

I kept an eye on everyone, especially Spud and Woody.  Spud is handling the heat better than he was, but he's definitely the vice president of the We Hate Summer Club.  Woody didn't go out much with everyone either and when he did, he looked pretty unhappy, as did several others.  

I felt like it was fly related and that Woody was the one most bothered didn't surprise me as he has the finest wool and hair on his face.  Chocula is super annoyed by flies, too.  He'd make a good effort to go out, but wouldn't stay long and I'd see him racing back to the barn.

It did cool down some after the sun set and everyone seemed to take a deep breath and relax, but I still wasn't 100% about a couple of them.  I decided to use the ol' arena test.  Even though it was dark and only Graham was still out grazing, I knew if I opened up the gate to the arena, anyone who was feeling okay would run out for a special treat.  Everyone raced out.  Whew!

Liddy and I walked out with them, too, and I sat down on the still warm mounting block. That big rock really holds the heat.  Liddy climbed up and down, ate for awhile, Baaxter punched her (Baby B!!!), she stood by me until her hurt feelings healed, Hank came over to make sure she was okay and then she tootled around some more.  

I tried taking a iPhone video of everyone before they went back in, but it was too dark.  I grabbed the big camera and played around with my new birthday lens (Thanks, Saint Tim :-D).  While I didn't always nail the focus, I still think the photos are pretty neat.  Sitting out with the sheep at night is one of my favorite things to do.  

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Terry and Linda said...

I would love to sit out there with you, the dogs and the sheep!