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Friday, September 4, 2015

More Complaining About The Heat

I'd taken these yesterday afternoon for an evening post, but when I saw Woolliam sleeping outside last night I knew that really told the whole story.  These aren't far behind.

That is one sound asleep sheep.  Can you guess who?

Poor Woolliam.  Also very sound asleep.

Rebecca Boone.  Asleep.  What else can you do?

Well, if you are Keebler, you can get mad that you are so hot, get up, turn around, punch the sheep next to you so you can take his spot which surely must be cooler being nearly five feet away...  It probably doesn't say much about me that I fall in the Keebler/Maisie camp if we did a "Which Punkin's Patch sheep are you?"

"Go back to sleep, Little.  It will be over NEXT THURSDAY.  Hope I don't punch anyone before then :-o."

I decided it was time for a cookie party and picked up a fresh box of Nilla Wafers this afternoon.

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