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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Stills - Happiness Is...

What makes you happy? Simple challenge this week.

I've missed so many Sunday Stills weeks that just being here with Ed's group today makes me happy :-).  So many things make me happy that I'd never get this post finished, so I'm going to narrow it down to just things that make me happy with this group of photographs.

1.  I love my zinnias.  So much color every summer, all summer long.
2.  I love where that garden sits.  I can see it from the house, the wool house wash room, the barn aisle, walking up the driveway.
3.  I love how the sun hits all the flowers in the afternoon and how they look as I walk to the barn in late afternoon can't be beat.
4.  I love seeing all the bees and butterflies using and enjoying them, too.

5.  I love how the sun is shining through this Monarch's wings like stained glass.

6.  I love how if you look closely (click to biggify) you can see that this is a Monarch with some mileage.

7.  Who knew that butterflies got wrinkles?
8.  I love that I can see so much detail if I catch a good shot.
9.  I love that butterflies flit around so much that you have to catch a good shot to really stop and look at them.
10.  Butterfly claws.

11.  Monarch's polka dotted bodies.
12.  Drinking through a built in straw, their proboscis.

13.  Photobombs by flying insects.
14.  That they happen all the time.

15.  The goldfish flying in from the right in this picture.
16.  The sunflowers are pretty sweet, too :-).
17.  It makes me happy to be home to see these beautiful things.
18.  It makes me happy to be able to do little things to help these beautiful things.
19.  It makes me happy to be able to take pictures of these beautiful things.
20.  It makes me happy to have neat people to share them with.

What makes you happy?  Everyone leave a comment.  We'll draw for a happy prize :-D.

Joining in with Sunday Stills...

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