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Sunday, November 1, 2015

2015 Hug A Sheep Party

I'm going to post a huge amount of pictures here today just in case things get stay crazy with the house and I don't have much time tomorrow.  Hopefully there will be more pictures tomorrow and the next day as well!  Amy took tons of awesome shots and we had a great Hug a Sheep party :-). A huge thank you to everyone who came out to help show some sheep some appreciation :-D.

"It's going to look like the Woody and Liddy show in all these pictures, but everyone needs to remember that me, Ewen McTeagle, is the original spokesman for (Inter)National Hug a Sheep Day!"

When Kate got here last fall, the first two or three times we had company, she'd come right up and greet everyone, but then go off and sit under a tree for awhile and just watch what was going on until she figured things out.  I'm pretty sure she thought yesterday was a party just for her :-D. 


Baaxter and Woody.  Big boys!

Everyone got hugs and cookies, even out back :-).

Yep, Woody again.

Lots of photo opportunities!

And back scratches :-).

And cookies...for Woody (and everyone else ;-).

This is why Woody is getting so many cookies and hugs.  Teefers! :-)

And tongues.  Everyone was really good about not over-feeding Miss Weaslie this year.  Thank you!!!

Liddy was also the darling of the party.   Lots of darlings ;-). 

"Who is that cute lambie?"

"Whatcha doing Miss B?"

Miss B was one of the watchers last year.  This year she's one of the spinners.  And a very good one!

I kept hoping to grab my Baaxter sweater and sit down and knit for awhile, but that never happens...and that's okay.  

Liddy and I had fun doing a little shopping.

Although Liddy was disappointed to find all the bowls empty!

I haven't shared the story of the sheep cart yet (what a crazy summer - yes, we've had it since summer!), but here's a sneak peek.  More about it later - stay on me!  

Liddy grew up with yarn, so she knows how to appreciate some pretty skeins :-).

Let us know in the comments if you did something special for the day (every day ;-).  We'd love to see pictures or links!

More tomorrow!

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