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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Glamour Shots

I took several sheep shots the other evening - my other favorite time of day.  As I was scrolling through them I came to a fun series of pictures of Rebecca Boone.  I'd taken six shots in a row in a span of about ten seconds.  Look at the difference between the first and the last.

These are straight out of the camera, not cropped, nothing changed.  Why do they look so different? Both are nice pictures.  Both show a sheep with a funny personality and cool hair.  Same background, same time of day - as the sun set.

The main difference is that for the last one I stepped just a hair to the right...which changed the angle of the sun.  

I know there's more to it on a technical side, like how the camera read the light and adjusted for it... but I'm pretty happy to just get lucky.  If there's something simple I can do to help that happen, all the better. 

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