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Monday, September 12, 2016

Bullwinkle And His Shadow

Even though this black lamb is at least five weeks older than Bullwinkle, he's a slower growing breed*, so Bullwinkle is more like his big brother.  He's pretty nervous about everything in his new home and never leaves Bullwinkle's side.  BW alternates between being really excited to have a minion to being mad he has a minion.  Typical big brother ;-).

The new lamb came from Final Frontier Farm and is one of the Rocket lambs.  While Rocky would seem to be the perfect name to go with Bullwinkle, his grandfather, Rocket's dad Rocky, is one of the new rams at The Training Center this year and that's just too many Rocks in the neighborhood.  

I took a fecal sample to the vet this morning to have them check for parasites.  I wrote his number (601) on the bag.  The tech looked at my messy handwriting and thought it said Levi.  I think that works :-). 

*His mother is Clover and she's a Cotswold/Wensleydale/Texel cross (one of Keebler's cousins) and Rocket is a Border Leicester/something cross.  He has a beautiful fleece that reminds me so far of Murphy.  He's bred more like Hershey and Spud though I think, so we'll have to wait and see.  

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