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Friday, September 23, 2016

That Darn Cat

So I mentioned picking out pictures for the 2017 calendar the other day.  I had quite a few good pictures to choose from, but I was sadly missing the yearly favorite....Comby.  Comby, the hardest working animal on our farm, who somehow always gets posted every year in the calendar sound asleep.


I did have a nice picture of Eli though.  He doesn't get much press around here, so that might be nice.

And of course there's darling Betsy.  There were a couple Betsy shots I liked.  One with her and Bullwinkle in the driveway when he was a baby and another with her sitting out with the concrete sheep one evening.

We decided Betsy would be the most wanted (in more ways than one!) cat so Miss September she is!

Until I downloaded pictures yesterday and remembered that I took a picture of Comby sleeping in the greenhouse the other day.

Ah, there he is.  Sound asleep.  Order restored to the universe.

Yeah, right.

Just minutes (I am not kidding) after I booted Betsy from the calendar, my inbox started blowing up with retweets and likes and more retweets and likes and more retweets...for a picture of Betsy and Bullwinkle.

If the Cat Shepherd retweets you, you are going to get some attention.  

Which was apparently what Betsy was looking for.


Both cats both look pretty disapproving, don't they.  And how on earth did she pull that off?!?  Are cats like elephants and can communicate hundreds of miles?  Do I need to check to see if she has her own Twitter account?  Is she on Facebook, too?!?

I guess, as a democracy (not dictatorship like Betsy thinks ;-), we should vote on it.  The poll will be posted on the main blog.  Feel free to share that link with your friends if you'd like to try to stack the votes towards your favorite candidate.  

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