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Sunday, February 26, 2017


I've been spending a lot of time with "Liddy" this weekend. Not Liddy herself, but her lamb fleece from last year's shearing.  Ever since I sat out in the yard with her while she was a baby and we knit two shawls together, I have planned to knit a Liddy shawl with her first fleece.  

Planning ahead for the Iknitarod, I started spinning for it on Roc Day.  The first yarn ended up too thin.  This is what I used doubled to knit her hat a few weeks ago.  Every subsequent sample ended up wrong as well for a variety of reasons.  Now I'm running out of time.  The race starts next Saturday.

I played around with several possible solutions this weekend and that's all for another day's post.  One of the options was to blend in something "long wool-ish".  I was just thinking it was a shame I didn't have any of Andy's lamb shear because that would be perfect blend because a. the type of wool he grows and b. he's her best friend.

No sooner than I thought about that I saw this.   

Hickory and T-Bone and Liddy and Andy

Field friends grazing side by side.

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