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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Yarn Along - Two [Hats] Are Better Than [None]

There hasn't been a whole lot of knitting and much of what has been done has been some serious Stella Knitting (also known as Un-knitting because I kept *cypherin' my maths wrong on a Very Simple Project :-o).  

After being Stella Re-Knitted six or seven times (because if it's not right...), the Liddy hat is finished.  Well, of course not entirely.  When I first blocked it I thought it was borderline too long.  As it dried it started creeping up my ears to where it's now borderline too short.  

I usually block my hats on my head.  I'm going to try re-blocking to keep it stretched out as it dries and see if that fixes things.  If it doesn't, it will probably fit Stella perfectly and she can laugh every time she puts in on knowing how many times I ripped it back haha ;-).  

I've actually been wearing it quite a bit until these last couple of hot days (this winter is wearing me out!), but it would be perfect if it just had two or maybe three more rows.  

I have plenty of the too thin, wonky Liddy yarn left.  Knitting it doubled made for a perfectly warm smooshy hat (much like the Lidd-ster herself :-) and camouflaged all the inconsistencies.  Now that I've got the cypherin' straight, a second hat should practically knit itself (insert picture of Hank from yesterday... ;-)

The Gone to the Mountains hat is coming along.  I finished the tops of the big trees this afternoon while providing company for a guest staying in the Wool House.  More on that tomorrow.  Don't be disappointed when you find out it's not a lamb ;-).

I need to do a whole long story 'splainin' post about what I've been reading lately.  Don't be surprised when you find out it's cookbooks ;-).  I'm also still enjoying Brave and Loyal, which I coincidentally started when I started the Mountains hat in the middle of January.  

How am I still working on savoring both?!?  Sigh...

Joining in with Ginny...

*Huh???  Granny Clampett was actually Jed's mother-in-law?!?  I. did. not. know. that.

Okay, let's all date ourselves.  Show of hands - who knows what a cement pond is?

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