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Thursday, June 11, 2015


I love this picture.  When I took it the other night, my first thought was that I would crop it down and have a nice Hank portrait.  When I saw it on the computer this morning, rather than the small view screen on the back of my camera, I could see the rest of the story.  Even better.

I've been taking Liddy out to the big field in the evenings so she can start spending some time with the main flock.  The nice Nistock boys treat her pretty well, as does Ewen, Petunia, Blossom and Renny.  The Jacobs are being their normal punching selves.  Baaxter's a bit jealous and Maisie...well, Maisie's Maisie ;-).

Sometimes Liddy races over to hang out with the big kids.  Sometimes she just wants to go down to the tall grass in the creek with her dogs and cats.  All the lambs love the creek.  You can just see Comby's ears peeking over the grass next to her.  Hank watches.  He loves his lambs.

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