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Friday, June 5, 2015

Sheep In A Jeep

Or CRV ;-)

Doesn't everybody drive around with a sheep in their car?  :-D

Sheep In A Jeep was the first Nancy Shaw book I stumbled upon.  I have the whole set including her newest Sheep Go To Sleep, which might be my (new) favorite.  I was going to share that for the Yarn Along/Against and just didn't get some cute pictures taken.  Next week!

I've finally worked my way back up to the start of the Clue Three.  Sigh.  Better than living with a mistake.  Don't. Knit. Tired.  And I've been plenty tired this week.  We had an odd cold snap that I thoroughly enjoyed...and used to get a bunch of neglected yard work under control.

I have a couple small flower projects I need to connect with this afternoon and then I'll feel pretty good about everything.  Back at it!

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