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Friday, June 12, 2015

Sorry, Bees

Some of my fall buckwheat re-seeded itself this spring.  I left it because it quickly was ready to bloom and I figured the bees might like it.  I've been told buckwheat flowers are very good for bees, especially heading into cold weather. We try to plant some every summer. 

Liddy left it alone for weeks, but got a taste of it the other night and started chowing down. Since she's still a bit behind in the grazing game, I let her go.  Some additions to her food list - ice cubes, pizza crust, cinnamon raisin bread, carrots (if I cut them into small pieces ;-).  

Her favorite food remains bamboo knitting needles.  Yeah, she got me again.   The shawl is almost done.  I ran out of dark gray yarn though so am stewing on what to use for the bind off.  Maybe I'll find a tiny bit more of that dark roving somewhere.  It could happen!


Seems like there'd be an easier way to eat grass...which might be why she still prefers to be hand fed ;-).

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