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Friday, January 29, 2016

Happy National Puzzle Day!

Boy, this week sure got away from me!  Sigh...  The beautiful snow has all melted and the 50s and 60s predicted for the next few days sure feel like winter is over :-(.  Hopefully February won't let me down.  

These are not the Hank pictures I mentioned last post, but I like them, too.  I will do a full(er) Hank post next week when my brain is working at full(er) steam.  If you have any more Hank or Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD) questions, leave them in the comments or drop me an email.  

I'll let Hank take over now.

It was a beautiful foggy frosty morning.  I took a really nice shot focusing more on the cattails with the Frog Pond behind it, but I think Hank and his tracks add a nice element.

Passing the little Frog Pond, headed back to the "big pond".

On the way back.


Always paying attention to the back of the farm.

And his sheeps at the barn.

And me :-).

Headed back in.

Hank and I love the snow :-).

Here's a new puzzle to celebrate National Puzzle Day.


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