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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Poor Hickory

I was taking some snowy sheep pictures this morning and kept hearing an odd squeaking noise coming from somewhere around the barn.  I finally determined it was Hickory, rubbing on his closed stall gate.  

Wait a minute.......why is Hickory's gate closed?  ...and why is he in T-Bone's stall?

The "boys" get a little grain in the morning.  They each get the same amount, not much, so I don't bother to shut their respective gates.  They eat quickly and let themselves back out.  T-Bone never goes in to check Hickory's feed tub.  Hickory never doesn't check T-Bone's ;-).  

"Boy, that hay sure looks good!"

"Sure wish I could have some of that hay!"

I knew what had happened.  That gate falls tight against the eye hook that I'd hook into if I really wanted to lock them in.  I've seen the gate get wedged in like this before.  The interesting thing is that it can only happen from the outside and with a fair amount of push.  It wouldn't accidentally shut like that.

"Yep.  T-Bone locked me in here so he could eat all the hay."

Poor Hickory

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