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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

More Similar...Yet Different

This looks like a dining room, but it's actually more of a den, also known as "the room where me and Janbaby  beat Saint Tim and City Boy at Spades"

Here's a hand for you, Janbaby!  Tim's other brother and sister-in-law create stunning artwork, including these gorgeous playing cards.  

Peter also carved the two big fish.

Another neat shepherd.  He used to live in the foyer and was temporarily moved in here until the foyer remodel is finished, but I think I'm going to leave him in here.  Aren't they just so fun and such neat detail.

The next two close ups are for Far Side.  I have no idea who these characters are.  I found them headed to a dumpster and it made me sad.  With all the shenanigans and drinking and being out in the woods, they really could be Saint Tim and his brothers and cousins. They can hang out here.

Not all old pictures were serious :-).  

Around the next corner to the bathroom.  This was the room that really needed the most work.  

A favorite rug by our friend Charlotte of Weaving Memories (no website, but you can find her at the Kentucky Wool Festival in October.  She uses all recycled materials and this rug "used to be" a bath towel :-).

You might recognize these knobs from the old kitchen.  They were painted by Ouisha McKinney and I'd originally planned to have her make a whole set of knobs for the cabinets and drawers in the new kitchen, but we really needed something for in here right away and these fit the bill.   

They are all different breeds of sheep and I have one extra left over, a Soay sheep.  Hmmm, wonder if I know someone who might like it... ;-).

Here was the only way I could think to get a picture of the other side of the tiny room.  This blue is the exact blue it used to be.  The only room that actually changed color was the dining room.

I hope you enjoyed the art tour of our bathroom :-D.

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