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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hank's Nest

It was 14 degrees this morning.  Much as I love cold weather, if the sun hadn't have been shining, I'd have been pretty cold.  The sun makes all the difference.

This is where I found Hank this morning as I headed to the barn.

A couple years ago, I guess the manure spreader was broken, we had to pile up cleaning from the horse stalls.  Hank loved sleeping on that pile!  We've made him a "muck pile" every winter since.

I think it gets him up off the cold ground, probably heats up a little as it composts, he can snuggle down into it and with the wind usually coming from the west, the old Grahaminator2000 provides a little wind block as well.  Plus, with his sheep all tucked in behind him, he can keep an eye on the rest of the farm.

It was cold enough that Baba slept in the barn last night.  That doesn't happen very often.  She's back out this morning.  The sun...

Hank has several other places he can sleep, inside the barn, inside the barn on a deep straw bed, inside the barn on a deep straw bed inside an insulated dog house...  This is his favorite spot.

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