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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

There's Always A Bit More To The Story...An Easter Egg Contest

I won't continue on whining about the Christmas card.  Most of them are now in the mail and I've moved on to other last minute/how could Christmas be this weekend (?!?) panic attacks.  Plus, there are new lambs at The Training Center and they are even cuter just as cute as the first three!

In the meantime, there really is always a bit more to the story of the cards, even if only I know what it is.  Turns out there is a name for that - Easter Eggs!  This year there are quite a few stories within the main story.  Some are pretty obvious (Maisie eating the garland), some not so much maybe (the cardinal).  

How many can you spot?  Leave a comment with your found "eggs" and after Christmas I'll have Comby pick a winner and send out a box or two :-).

I'm headed out to "Santa's Workshop", then to check on/check for lambs, go to the post office and when I get back I'll share some new lamb pictures.  Think "mop top"!  Oh, there's nothing cuter... :-D.

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