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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Tongue Out Tuesday!

I was going to post a pretty picture I took yesterday of Rebecca Boone and Renny and I think Baba is in there too, but I must have saved it in a weird place because now I can't find it.  Argh!  So then I decided I'd post this picture and title it "Argh!", but that didn't seem right even though that's how I feel right now.

This cute little lamb doesn't care about misnamed files, lost emails, Christmas card painting not going well, no Christmas crafting getting done, no presents being made, the days just clicking by like a CPW (Canadian Production Wheel) chattering on and on and on and for crying out loud it's the THIRTEENTH of December :-o.

So Argh...but those are my problems, not hers.  I went to Google and typed in Pffft to see exactly what it meant, thinking maybe that was a better title and saw all the tongues sticking out and thought "Hey, I should save this for the next Tongue Out Tuesday"...and realized that today was, in fact, wait for it...Tuesday..........

In the meantime, I've lost an email with an shop order.  Yesterday got away from me so I was working on them all this morning (on only one cup of coffee...which may be part of the problem...).  I've got orders from KM, SW and KZ.  I am 98% sure there was another one, maybe E somebody?

If you've emailed me in the last 48 hours and I haven't responded, please resend your email.  I am so sorry that my inbox looks much like my desk office.  I did straighten up the Wool House wash room/work area last week thinking that would help me organize the Christmas card better....  If that DID help, we were in REAL trouble if I hadn't done it :-o.

Here's a short video of everyone stressing out about the painting last night...

Today is a new day...even though it's not off to a great start so far ;-).

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