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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Like My Birthday, Christmas And Thanksgiving

Not only did I have Lamb Camp and the Iknitarod/Iditarod today, it was also National Pancake Day!

These aren't just any pancakes.  They are sourdough pancakes :-D.  The maple syrup from Canada is in honor of one of our favorite mushers, Michelle Phillips. There is a long/funny/interesting story about the sourdough, but I'll save that for another day.  

The story I want to share today is Liddy's adoption story...for anyone who doesn't know...or would like to hear it again.  Liddy was born at Final Frontier Farm, one of the farms I help out in the spring. She was tiny, with a much bigger sister, and her momma didn't want her.

Kathy tried to graft her onto two other ewes over the first week of her life, but neither of them wanted her either.  She was so small that I worried about sending her over to the "lamb bar" but I also worried that at her advanced age of 8 days that it was too late to bond her with me if I took her home.
I had nothing to worry about.  What Liddy wanted more than anything in the world was a mom. She's been my little girl ever since :-).

Here we are heading home.

She fell asleep on the way and I didn't want to wake her up so we sat in the driveway for almost an hour.

I'd forgotten about her sleeping in bed with us.  Actually, I'd forgotten several things about baby Liddy, like the extra spots on her back and her gray neck.  It's fun to go back and look at earlier posts. 
Here are a few of my favorites:

On the Iknitarod front, I just checked into the end of the third repeat.  I'd really hoped I'd be at, say, the fifth repeat by today.  I'm getting a little nervous about that.  I have 12 repeats to complete before I move on to the body of the shawl.  Tomorrow is looking a little quieter, so I'm hoping to pull of two full repeats and make up a little ground.

On the Lamb Camp front, there is another new lambie at the Training Center.  I took some pictures today, but haven't pulled them off the camera yet.  I did grab some iPhone shots of the Christmas Lamb Camp lambs who are now old enough to be practicing for their driver's licenses :-o.

Recognize that white faced lamb?  It's Moptop!  Holy.  Moly.  

Okay, night check and headed to bed.

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