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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Meanwhile, Back At Christmas Lamb Camp

This was supposed to be a quick, drive-by post to share a picture of my favorite lamb from Christmas Lamb Camp and it turned into Quite A Mystery!

Is he not just as striking as he could be!  He's just now starting to get a little sun bleaching on his forehead, but his body is still coal black.  He's so black compared to all the other "black" lambs that he's very easy to spot anywhere in the field. 

And his wool is crazy!  It's probably 3" long, compared to the other lambs that are more "normal" at about 1".  And it's mostly just sticking straight out, not curly, like a plushy stuffed animal.  I just love him and can hardly wait for his first shearing.  

When I decided to post him this morning I wanted to link back to one of his baby posts.  And I couldn't find any.  What?!?  My favorite lamb from day one and I didn't post any pictures of him?!? Heck, I couldn't even FIND any pictures of him in any folders!

Well, I did find this one.  That's him in the background.  I know it's him because he was eye catching even as a tiny baby.  Quite a looker.  That's definitely him.  And his sister.  And his mom.  I was pretty darn sure.

Okay, here's a clue.  He has a tiny white tip to his tail.  Back through the files I go.

I can find a lamb with a matching tail, but that lamb has white on his head.  A small spot on the forehead and more carrying over the top.  So, that's not him.  There is no white on his head anywhere, right?  But it sure looks like him in this picture...

I then called the voice of reason, the "grandmother of these lambs" ;-).  

"Have you ever had a white spot disappear?"  

"No, I've seen a few hairs hairs fade out or blend in, but..."  

"I just can't believe I never took any pictures of that lamb."  

"Well, do you have any pictures where you can see an ear tag?"

Ah, great idea!  That I'd have never come up with on my own.  Sigh...  Click to biggify that last picture and then biggify the first picture.  The numbers don't lie.  003 is him!  

And now my five minute post has turned into an hour post and I'm going to pull a Maisie..."Why do these things always happen to me?!?"  ;-)  

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