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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Solar Heat Lamp

Also known as sun shining through a window :-).  It's really not that dark in the barn.  I had the camera just meter off the sunbeam lamb so the rest is just underexposed.  I took some with a more balanced meter, but like this one the best.

Have made it into the #6 check point and am stopping for the night.  The pattern calls for 6 more repeats for the cable and lace edge.  My row gauge (the height of the stitches) is off though so I may not want to do all twelve.  I guess it won't break my heart if I have to skip one or two ;-).

I tried to knit in the lambing barn, but kept getting too distracted by So Much Cuteness and had to go to timeout in the car so I could focus...a little better.

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