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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Almost As Sweet As Baby Lambs

I glanced out the back door yesterday morning and saw sheep in the driveway.  Wait, just one sheep, not shorn (waiting until hot weather is here aka yesterday and today :-o), it's Jester.

"Yeah, it's just me."

And he tootled around for a good while, grazing in the yard and in the meantime, I posted this to Instagram and headed off to Lamb Camp.

Remember this.

My view coming through the gate when I got home.  Glad I had my camera handy.  I just love this scene - sheep, horses to my left, Jester back out looking around.

And there's Hank and even Amelia is there, right above Jester's head.  I think that's Hershey getting a drink.

Sigh...  A peaceable little kingdom :-)

And then I see the Ts walking across the driveway in front of the barn.  Unlike Jester, they do NOT have run of the farm...unless I leave a gate open.  

You just can't make this stuff up...

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