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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

So Sweet They'll Make Your Teeth Hurt

I stepped out back in the nursery pen yesterday to get some pictures of a friend's sheep and new lambs and ended up getting more than my money's worth!

Pretty lambs for sure.

But wait, what is that little guy looking at?

Stella, the livestock guardian dog, not to be confused with Stella the beekeeper and enforcer of "If it's not right, Sara (and now half the rest of the knitting world ;-), you need to take it out and do it over."

Stella and The Krista Ewe came to Final Frontier Farm together a few years ago when their shepherd had to move out of state.  I've taken lots of pictures of ewes and lambs in the nursery pen and never seen Stella take any special interest in any of them.  Until yesterday.  

"We'll be back later, Stella.  It was nice meeting you!"

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