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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tongue Out Tuesday

Since it's still Tuesday for two more hours, here's a series of pictures of a lamb doing something you don't often see.  I should have taken a video, but didn't think about it until it was too late.  

"What are you doing?"

"I'm sucking my tongue."

"That's a little weird."

"Well, I don't have a thumb to suck."

"It's fun.  See?"

"Well, it is."

Holy Moly!  I had no idea so many people were having trouble commenting.  I thought everyone was just doing Facebook these days and clicking "like" and not reading blogs anymore.  And I, being the queen of obsoletion, was just going to keep trudging along even if no one else was reading.  

I am blown away by all the comments!  There have been so many that I'm going to up the giveaway to two tote bags tomorrow so everyone has a little better chance.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Here are a couple tips that might help if you are still having trouble:

1.  That stupid "prove you are not a robot" thing.  Sigh...  I can't figure out a way to remove it.  TRY just ignoring it and go straight to "publish".

2.  Okay, I only have one tip I guess.  This is more of a question I need a tip from you about.  So, on the new format, we no longer have the option to reply to a posted comment.  This makes no sense. Any thoughts?

I'm just not a fan of "improvements".  They so seldom are.  

Queen. Of. Obsoletion.  That's really a word even if blogger says it isn't.  And to prove it I went to Merriam-Webster online and in doing so, found that the word of the day (for 1 1/2 more hours) is grimalkin, which they say means "an old female cat".  I thought that was kind of sweet until I looked into it further.  There are a few more definitions ;-).

You never know what you'll find here, especially when I blog tired haha.

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