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Monday, May 15, 2017


This is the internet's favorite picture of Keebler.  It shows up everywhere.

But this is my favorite picture of Keebler.  This is the picture my mind calls up when I search for a image of Keebler even though there were so many other good ones.  He grew from an adorable lamb into a handsome photogenic sheep.  This always remained my favorite.  

When the vet came on Saturday, I held his head in the crook of my arm like that and once again this picture came to mind.  Or maybe my heart.  I love all of our sheep, but some...  There is another big hole in the flock.

I'd like to say that Keebler would want to tell everyone to get up and take a walk every day.  Stay active so your legs hold up longer.  But he wouldn't.  He'd say "Meh. Enjoy life sitting in the shade in front of a fan or in the warm sun in the winter."  

I don't know what's the right answer.  But getting up and taking a walk every day probably wouldn't hurt anyone.

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