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Monday, May 8, 2017

So The Basic Problem Is...

...if Biscuit's in the kitchen, even napping quietly on his and Betsy's shared/not shared bed, and I try to sneak into the office to use the computer, he immediately gets up and stands at the kitchen gate and cries his eyes out.  Which is really sort of sweet...but really not conducive to getting blogs posted.

Two funny stories about Biscuit's beds.  First off, he loves to make his bed himself.  Even sitting on the big dog bed next to this bed, he paws and paws and paws until it's "just right".  Then he lays down, checks it out, usually gets up once, sometimes twice, paws it all around again and gets it "just right" and then settles in.  There is nothing to arrange on a covered dog bed ;-).  

The messy makeshift bed under the (I have no idea what this red piece of furniture is called) that he and Betsy both love and fight over is a different story.  It can be pawed and pawed and pawed to really get it "just right".  It is here that I left him to sneak into the office.

Do you remember the story about Lila using her nighttime crate as a litter box?  How she peed on the kitchen floor one time and never did it again?  We never even had to keep towels on the floor.  She always ran into the crate.  Or would pee "on command" in the back of the car (rubber mat and bedding ;-) before we'd go inside.

Biscuit tries to never pee in his crate.  His bed.  When he gets up in the morning (or still the middle of the night :-o), he gulps down his baba and then pees and pees and pees.  I have to think he's holding it as long as he can.  Maybe this is why he doesn't sleep through the night.  Maybe he's not as hungry as just needs to pee.

It sounds like my five minute break from crying is over.  "Hang on Biscuit.  I'm coming."  Sigh...

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