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Monday, May 1, 2017

Sneaking In

I just got home from picking up goat milk. I very, very quietly snuck in the front door so as not to let someone know I was home...and hearing all quiet, have now snuck into the office and onto the computer to quickly introduce... 

"Hi!  My name is Biscuit!"

"I'm the new lamb here.  Kate says you all knew it was gonna happen."

"I'm doing really well.  I'm super cute and a good baby to boot.  I like to go out in the yard and play in the lavender garden.  My mom took a bunch of pictures of me there yesterday and says she'll get them posted as quickly as she can, but 'baby before blogging'.  I agree!"

"It was really hot the last two few days, so we took lots of naps in front of a fan.  Today is cooler so we are both happier and feel more like bouncing around."

"I'm one of the triplets from the other day, but not the little girl that everyone thought would be chosen.  As soon as my new mom picked me up, I fell asleep in her arms.  She said that pretty well decided it, but when I played around in front of her and then curled up on her feet, that iced it."  

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I'll keep posting pictures and hopefully short videos on Instagram.  They in turn auto-post to the Punkin's Patch Facebook page and Twitter, so if I have trouble sneaking off to update the blog, you can check there for updates.

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