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Monday, June 12, 2017

Another Great American Barnyard Camp Out Is In The Books

You know all those cute pictures of Biscuit sleeping on his various beds from porch to barn?  They've been among my favorites for sure.  That is until I tried to sleep on a cot in the barn with Biscuit on his first night out.  Let me reword that.  Until I tried to sleep on a cot with Biscuit in the barn on his first night out.  

To make matters even more, um, crowded, Betsy slept with us as well.  On the cot.  It's a small cot. The only thing that kept Muffin (that seems to be sticking, but we are still working on her mom's name) from joining us is her wonky legs.  She thought the camp out was the Most Fun Ever.

"We have our own lantern?"  "And blankets?"  "These blankets taste great!" "How'd you get up there, Biscuit?"  "That cat sure has a floofy tail!" "You're really going to sleep out here with us?"  "All night?"  "Did you bring us treats?" "This is so fun!"

Biscuit did not think this was the Most Fun Ever.  He missed his safe, comfy dog crate, private hay and grain stash, very own water bowl...and peace and quiet.  He was up and down all night and was actually pretty miserable until he finally settled in around 4 a.m., chewed some cud and fell sound asleep.

Betsy stayed out with us all night.  I'm not sure if she was there for Biscuit or me.  Regardless is was pretty sweet...until she jumped up on the divider and knocked down the (noisy) metal bowl full of sheep treats.  Poor Biscuit...

"How about for the next barn yard camp out we do it without the sheep."

This would have been a welcomed sunrise even if it hadn't been really pretty.

Do you see the cloud lamb jumping into the sky?  The two tiny white ears and fuzzy topknot look like Biscuit.  Hopefully he'll have sweeter dreams tonight.  I'm going to make him a night time pen within the pen so he won't have to worry about his food and water and hopefully there will be enough room for a small bag of wool scraps to sleep on as well...because he ain't sleeping on my cot ;-).

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