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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Young Eagles

Somehow, a couple years ago when we put up the purple martin house, I got to talking to the lady at the water company and the subject of birds came up.  She's had martins at her farm for years and she was happy to share information and tips and we've compared notes since.

This spring when I stopped in, we talked martins for a couple minutes and then she excitedly told me they had a nesting pair of eagles on the river bordering their farm.  What?!?  She had some pictures to show and told me where we could find the nest.  

Of course during lambing and baby Biscuit time I couldn't get away to go look.  When I stopped in the other day, I'd assumed the babies would have already fledged.  No, but they were close.  Tim and I headed to the river that afternoon.

The nest was easy to spot.  It's huge!  Probably three feet deep?  Maybe five feet across?

And yep, there's a young eagle.

Two eagles!

You should be able to click to biggify these pictures.

Poor Saint Tim is not out fishing today, rather working his butt off getting stuff caught up around the farm.  We've both had a busy spring.  Maybe the predicted storms will hold off this afternoon and he can make a Father's Day dash to the river.

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