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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

If You Weren't Already In Love With Muffin And Her Mom

I knew I had these pictures somewhere.  Baby Muffin was a cute baby, but unlike most kids she's actually getting even cuter as she gets older.  I keep trying to get a straight on head shot showing her adorable chubby cheeks and fuzzy muffin "top", but every time she sees me, she comes running over and all I'm getting is nose pictures :-).  

I'm guessing she's 2-3 weeks old here.  I have a feeling mom is going to end up being called "Granny", but I'm holding out hope for something more creative to stick.

"Are you taking pictures of me again?"

"You can keep taking them as long as you don't disturb my baby."

If you don't put on a happier face, you are going to run the risk of someone giving you a witch's name  somewhere down the road ;-).

"Is this one better?"

Could she be any cuter?

The baby...  Just kidding, momma ;-)

"What do you mean you hope we get to come live at your farm?"

Here's a short video.

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