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Monday, April 20, 2015

Any Thoughts?

After a bit of confusion with the replacement Mug Shot mugs, they are all finally here and look great :-). Now to go back through emails to make sure I don't forget anyone.  If you are either waiting on an ordered mug or waiting on a mug to replace one that got damaged in shipping, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to "remind" me.  

In the meantime, as things got confusing and drawn out with the re-order/replacement of the second group of mugs, our printing rep (you know you're a problem when you get assigned your own rep ;-) thought the design was cute and offered us a good deal on some t-shirts.  Yikes.

T-shirts are cute, but they're a bit complicated to order with what color, what size, what style of shirt, what design...  Mugs are easy.  Order white mug, insert coffee (with cream and sugar :-), enjoy.  At the risk of sounding like I'm turning into a garage sale, is there any interest in t-shirts?  If so, any thoughts about these possibilities?

1.  A Mug Shot design - on white or colored t-shirt?

2.  New possible design with no criminals....except one of those crazy Adventure Chickens leaving the scene ;-).

3.  No black line around outside?

4.  No background, but printed on a light blue shirt?

5.  No background, on a white shirt?

See what I mean?  To make things even more stressful, if I want to do this, I really need to be able to have them ready to sell at the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival next month (aka less than 30 days away :-o) so I need to be making some decisions very quickly (not my strong suit).  More coffee!

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Blue, no pops!!