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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Working Hardly

Little miss snuggly actually got a little bit sniffly yesterday so we've put her on some antibiotics and she's feeling much better.  But still snuggly :-).  That's her back foot in my hand.  Lambies like to have their little feets rubbed while they're sleeping and will sometimes stretch way out and spread their toes and make cute sighing sleepy sounds.  

She weighed 7 pounds at 10 days old yesterday so I'm guessing she was maybe 4 pounds when she was born.  Just a little bigger than Maisie.  Maisie, who has shown zero interest in her even wearing her old coat (it's all about Maisie ;-).  Baaxter on the other hand heard me talking to her the other morning at the barn and must have triggered something in his memory and he reverted back to his baby talking to me "Mam mam ma ma mam mam." Sweet Baby B.  Murphy and Spud are fascinated by her.

When they get the Google Glasses thing figured out to where everyone is wearing video recording glasses, we'll be in business.  As it is, I'm the only one getting to see all the cute stuff she does as she's figured out how to negotiate the steps in the house that are almost as big as she is and how she races around the house bucking and her doing her favorite sliding stop on the carpet.  

I'll try to get some out in the yard pictures later today.  Right now I'm trying to catch up a little (tiresome broken record) and get emails answered and boxes to the post office.  I did figure I would end up with a bottle lamb at some point this spring, but was "planning" on it being later in the spring when everything was more under control.  This little lamb who'd had a pretty tough start to life needed me though and it will all work out.

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