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Monday, April 27, 2015

Quiet As A Church [Lamb]

Actually, much quieter than the last few church lambs I should say ;-).  

Liddy is just one of the snuggliest lambies ever.  She snuggled in for the ride to church, nibbled on some hay tucked in the door and then fell asleep.

I was worried after the good nap on the way over that she'd be wide awake for church, but after visiting with everyone before church, Auntie Reg got her all tucked in and warm and she soon was back to sleep.

The piano didn't bother her, the singing, nothing.

She just slept and slept.

Look at the cute fat little butt :-).  Little Liddy might not be too little too long!

A big stretch as Dow wound up his sermon and then church was over and it was time to wake up and go outside to peepee ;-).  We had a towel handy just in case, but sure couldn't have asked for a better behaved lamb.

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