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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Good Morning - Even Though It's Almost Noon

A drive by post. If I can make it through today and tomorrow, I'm hoping things will settle down. Stop laughing.

Three of my (many) favorite things - Kate, Liddy and our awesome smelling lilac bush.  Haven't they been wonderful this spring?  In fact, I have to own up to thinking this has been a really nice spring all around.  Nice and cool.  The red buds were light this year, but I'll take that over being too hot anytime!

Kate has done amazingly well with Liddy.  After so many years of unbelievably sweet service from Iris, I knew it would be really, really hard to find another Border Collie who'd tolerate having a lamb running loose around the house and yard.  That's not saying I don't watch them like a hawk momma sheep, but Liddy is respectful (mostly ;-) of Kate and Kate has been very kind to her.  Good girls!

Here are a couple of cute videos.  The first one was yesterday morning - there's Claire Bear again! The second was a couple of days ago.  It's amazing how fast she's growing :-o.

Yes, she's stopped to pee pee at the end.  And yes, she does that in the kitchen, too.  I keep a ton of old towels on hand and it all cleans up with no trouble at all :-).

Gotta run!

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