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Friday, October 16, 2015

A Different Porch Perspective

I've let the sheep rotate themselves this year rather than set a rotational grazing map.***  I did that because during the winter when all the fields are open to them, they seem to do a better job not over grazing one area.  I decided to see what would happen if I left it to them for the spring and summer.  

I know they've been happier.  The grass has been happier.  Their eye scores (I check the color of their eyes for anemia from parasites) have been as good or better than any other year.  I've also really enjoyed watching where they go and when.  

Yesterday evening they decided to graze the side field and as I headed to the house, I was glad I had my camera handy.  I love little snippets of the day.  

So the rule is make sure your foreground is in focus.  This is a little distracting, I agree.

This is pretty, too, even with the sheeps blurred out.  Which do you prefer?

Why didn't I make everything in focus?  There's a lot going on in these pictures and if everything was in focus it would be too busy I think.  If I get the opportunity to capture this again, I'll do one like that  though, just to make sure.  But who knows where the sheep will be tonight :-).

*       *       *        *        *

***This goes against ALL recommendations for sheep parasite prevention, so DO NOT take this as any sort of recommendation.  It was just an experiment I ran here this year.  We do not have a normal flock, as we are raising a small(ish) flock for fiber, not breeding for lambs... 

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